It's been rumoured that Bart Decrem said:
> 4- if AOL were to announce that they're joining the Foundation's advisory
> board AND they're also announcing that they're going to be dedicating a
> number of hackers to integrate Mozilla into Gnome (preferably without
> distracting current Mozilla hackers), boy, that would be exciting news.
> The foundation's advisory board is open to all comers, but people on
> foundation-list have expressed that they want companies to contribute
> code and hacker resources, not just their $10,000.  So that would be a
> huge win.
> So my recommendation would be to work hard with the people at AOL and see
> if we can get them to commit some resources to integrating Mozilla into
> GNOME.  They've gotten some horrible press today (go read the
> posts about NS PR2), so this may not be such a bad time
> to get them to make a commitment.
> (BTW, didn't I read somewhere that AOL is working on a Linux client for
> their AOL software - maybe that can be integrated with GNOME as well.)

Don't confuse the statement 'aol supports gnome' with 'gnome
foundation approves of mozilla' these are two very differerent things. 

Suck has a good article about everything wrong with mozilla, and its in
stark contrast to everything right about gnome.  Namely:

If I want to use audio in my app, I can grab gnome libaudio, and I know
how to use that withouut sucking in all the other gnome BS.  Similarly, 
If I want LDAP, I can use only ldap, and I know where the documentation 
is, and it magically 'just works' with everything else.

By contrast, if I wanted to use mozilla audio, I would have to install a
browser.  What's up with that?  If I wanted to use the mozilla ldap
code,  I'd have to install a browser.  Where's my mozilla-ldap rpm/deb
when I need it? Its nowhere.

Personally, I'm working on the GnuCash personal finance manager & use gnome
inside of it and plan to have more & more dependencies on gnome for
functions like printing, xml, glade, gtkhtml widget, etc.  By
contrast, the thought of having Gnucash depend on mozilla in any way
shape or form is just plain scary: I don't trust mozilla to 'do the
right thing'.  

Foundations & stuff is all about building trust.  Don't blow that.


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