Re: The timestamp thing

On Wed, 2009-11-04 at 15:36 -0800, Michael Lissner wrote:
> Call me naive, but why is it that the timestamps are automatically
> altered at all? I'd expect them not to be altered at all, unless I use
> the "Adjust time" tool. As far as I know, no other photo program does
> anything like this. Adobe Lightroom, Picasa, digiKam, etc, don't do
> anything like this, even as a feature, right? 
> I'm confused why anybody would even want the option to do this.
> Michael Lissner
> mlissner michaeljaylissner com
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That's basically my point exactly, the only reason I mention having the
option is because the developers seem to think there's a use case that
requires it. Therefore I am suggesting that a compromise should be made,
that of making this "Feature" optional.


Steve McGrath
smcgrath23 gmail com

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