Re: Display bigger version of a photo on a tooltip


On Tue, 2008-03-11 at 14:50 +0100, David Prieto wrote:
> Do you think only showing the tooltip if the thumbnails are below a
> certain size would be adequate?

That's a very good idea.

> That way users like me get what they want -they have a lot of small
> thumbnails but can see a detailed picture easily- and users like you get
> what they want too -they have a few big thumbnails and are not bothered
> by tooltips that are probably the same size as the thumbnails are-.

I would amend your suggestion and say that above a certain size that the
thumbnail should be modifier enabled (as it is at present).

> That prevents us from cluttering the options menu, as well. Let's try to
> find an elegant solution and keep the preferences for more important
> issues.

I still think that there needs to be a key to activate the thumbnail
zoom for the current selection for those users that can't use a mouse.


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