Re: Display bigger version of a photo on a tooltip

Hey Steve,

> Nice mock-up.

Thanks :)

> Granted that this is not as discoverable as your way, but then again it
> allows the tool to be used in different ways.  Why should placing the
> pointer over an image mean "display this one slightly bigger please"?  I
> may want it to mean "this is currently my favourite of those I've
> reviewed so far."

Because a tooltip is generally used to get more information about the
item it spans from. And, when talking about photographs, the prime
concept we could understand as "more information" is "a more detailed
view of the image".

> Your mock up clearly shows that what you intend would obscure images
> around the current choice.  I therefore see your idea as an increase in
> discountability at the cost of a reduction in functionality.  That's a
> poor trade off in my book.

There is no way I can convince you that it does not hurt functionality,
if that really is the way you see it. The only thing I can do is ask you
to launch Pidgin, browse the main window for a while and check for
yourself if the tooltips there hinder your browsing just a little bit.

If you find they do, there's no way I can prove they don't. In that case
I can only thank you for lending me your time and attention.



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