Re: Display bigger version of a photo on a tooltip

Hi Michael

On Tue, 2008-03-11 at 11:10 +0100, Michael Schmarck wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 11, 2008 at 9:20 AM, Steve Dobson
> <steve dobson syscall org uk> wrote:
> >  Having said that I'll admit that I don't read documentation most of the
> >  time.  I'll only do that when I start using an application a lot, unless
> >  I use an application a lot I'm not likely to remember the keyboard
> >  shortcuts.  The problem with your feature request is that it is fine for
> >  new users but would be a real pain to experienced users, or people who
> >  just want to look at the thumbnails.
> I'm curious - why are you saying, that this would make f-spot a
> PITA for experienced users? If you just want to browse your photo
> collection, all you'd have to do is to *NOT* hover of an image, so
> that the bigger version isn't shown.

Because pop-ups generally are to advanced users.  Pop-ups are there to
tell you something you don't know, to act as a memory jog.  Advanced
users know this information and anything that appears on the screen
tends to catch the eye and distract you from the job at hand.

Think how bothersome driving a car would be if every five minutes a
little voice told you "Pressing the break peddle can be used to slow the
car down."  As I've said in another post "Clippy" from Microsoft was not
well received by many.

> I actually would like to see his feature request be implemented.
> But I think that the larger version of the image should not be
> shown right away when hovering. Instead, there should be a small
> delay (like 500ms?).

As I understand it what David is suggesting is not to zoom the current
image under the mouse but just that a little pop-up appears telling you
of all the keyboard short cuts (or just the one that are important).

If you think you might like this feature just write a few short cuts on
a postit note and stick it to your screen[1] near where the pointer is.
Now look at the display as ask yourself "Is this not in the way?"

This all depends upon how you use the mouse/pointer.  I often the
pointer as a quick visual reference point if I need to look away from
the screen so it is not far from where my focus of attention is or will
return to shortly.  Thus, for me, pop-ups are a pain.

> >  After all to be consistent not just the 'v' key would have to be listed.
> >  All the other short key cuts and the other controls too, like
> >  Ctrl-Wheelmouse back and for to enlarge/shrink the thumbnails.
> Where should they be listed?

In the help text under the help menu item, which is where I found them.


[1] You may need to clean the glass after trying this, but these type of
tests are a good way of cheaply trying out GUI design ideas.

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