Re: Sorting photos

Well, I'm probably going to keep my pictures where they are (f-spot
saves modified photos quite nicely with a different name).
I just want to use F-Spot to publish pictures (gallery) and to get a
better overview over my collection.
I'm going to stay with my folder-structure, as it severed me well the
last couple of years. But folders aren't exactly well supported right
now... :)

I was skeptic too in the beginning. I was used to my folder
organization and I wasn't likely to move to F-Spot way. So when I
started importing pics in F-spot I created a tag for every folder I
had. This way I was using F-Spot but keeping my old archive method, in
some way.

Just for information, now I import directly in F-Spot and I don't use
folders anymore! ;)
(and waiting until the program can handle the backup to other means :-P)


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