Sorting photos


I'm quite new to f-spot (0.3.5), so I hope I don't run into a FAQ:

My pictures are organized in dozens of subfolders, each containing
pictures from a trip/whatever.
I'd like to keep them sorted like this in f-spot as well, but if I use
"Arrange by -> Folder", there see no way to actually identify the
first picture of a chosen folder, f-spot only jumps somewhere near it,
but doesn't show me the end and the beginning. With digiKam for example
I can simply select a folder and it will only display the pictures
within that folder.

Also, when exporting pictures to Gallery, I'd like to be able to simply
select all the pictures in one folder, but I can only mark them
one-by-one with Ctrl. With several hundred pictures, this gets quite
annoying and selecting by date also doesn't work if I made two
different sets of pictures in one day.

Last but not least: Any way to upload via https?

Thanks for any hints. And thanks for f-spot! :)

Fridtjof Busse

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