Re: Sorting photos

* Bengt Thuree <bengt thuree com>:
> If you tagg all the photos with Country, State, City, Location, Type
> (Beach, Mountain, Vacation, or whatever), Persons (all persons who is
> in the photo). 
> With those tags you should be able to find whatever photo you want
> very quickly. You could also add a more tags like xmas, birthday,
> trip # etc to make it even more flexible and make each photo contain
> more information about itself.

Still a lot of work. :)
And it would make me quite dependant on f-spot (not that I intend to
switch), so the sorting with folders would be better.
Looks like f-spot can't do that yet, so I'll make  a feature request.
"Arrange by folder" simply needs to work a little better and marking
several files without using Ctrl would be really useful as well.

Anything on using https for publishing?

Fridtjof Busse

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