Re: Sorting photos

On Sat, 2007-03-24 at 17:36 +0100, Fridtjof Busse wrote:
> * Bengt Thuree <bengt thuree com>:
> > Hi
> > 
> > Tagg the photos with your "Trip Keyword".
> I thought of that, but I have really quite a few folders. I'd prefer
> to navigate them like I would on the filesystem, instead if creating
> dozends of keywords (I would have to do that by hand as well).
> A seperator (like picasa) and a way to use the mouse to select more
> than one picture definitly would be nice.

If you tagg all the photos with Country, State, City, Location, Type
(Beach, Mountain, Vacation, or whatever), Persons (all persons who is in
the photo). 

With those tags you should be able to find whatever photo you want very
quickly. You could also add a more tags like xmas, birthday, trip # etc
to make it even more flexible and make each photo contain more
information about itself.

It is easy to search by using the tags.

Also, whenever you first start to create the tags, you will have a lot
of photos to tag. After that, it is only the new ones, which is not to
much. To make it a bit easier, you can filter on a daterange, so you can
take a month at a time or something like that. 
If you have folders already, you can import one (1) folder, and tag that
one nicely, then import next folder, and filter out untagged photos
(pending you do not have any tags in them already), and tag them, then
import the next folder etc.


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