Re: multilingual tags

On Thu Sep 14 at 19:53 (+0300), Dotan Cohen wrote:
> The way I see it, XMP allows multiple languages, but not multiple
> versions of each individual tag. So, you could have the tag (for
> non-Spanish speakers: perro is dog in Spanish) "dog" and the tag
> "perro" but you would have no way of associating the two.

This is definitely going to work but is also what I was trying to avoid.
And of course you can write your tags using as many different languages
as you like, XMP doesn't care.

> A workaround would be [...]
> So the actual tags would be "7484567::en::dog" and
> "7484567::sp::perro". [...]
> Another workaround would be to just have both languages in the same
> tag, like this: "en::dog::sp::perro".

And both workarounds are just that: workarounds. With all that implies.
In particular the fact other apps won't be able to properly interpret
this. Or in other words, f-spot wouldn't be really interoperable.

Makes it a no-go for me and many others.

Guess we'll just have to abandon the idea of multilingual tags until the
World is ready.

Thomas "mercen" PARIS

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