[Evolution] Trying to set Evolution up after crash recovery

Running 3.36.5-0ubuntu1 on MATE 1.24.0

I recently had a crash. My boot drive (boot and root) had to be replaced. I have home on a separate hard drive, and have mounted it to /home.

I am now trying to get Evolution set up. When I first ran it after re-installing MATE and mounting /home, I was asked a bunch of questions on setup, which I answered. I did not know where my configuration file might be, so I did set it up without that.

Everything looked good. All my mail folders were there, and I could look at mail contained in them. One strange thing is that my inbox has a lot of emails that were long ago moved to other folder. I can deal with that.

However, I now have folders that I did not have before. They are sub-folders of my email address, and when I get new mail, it goes into the Inbox folder under that header. They used to go into an Inbox that was under "On this computer". What have I configured incorrectly?

When I try to send this email, I get an error:

An error occurred while sending.
How do you want to proceed?

The reported error was "RCPTTO <evolutions-list gnome org> failed:
<evolutions-list gnome org>... Relaying denied: You must check for new mail before sending mail.".

I am sending this using my ISP's web interface.

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