Re: [Evolution] Evolution Issue in MXLinux

On Tue, 2021-09-28 at 12:12 -0400, Michael BErey wrote:
Thank you

Evolution 3.42.0 from Flathub

MX 19.4.1

Worked fine until recently

Only program with this issue

Redirecting back to the list. 

I'm on an older version of Evo so I can't test the problem you're

My gut instinct would be that it is an issue only in the flatpak
version, and needs to be addressed there, but I could be wrong.

Just a friendly note, top posting is frowned on in this list (and
others). If you're not sure what top posting is, look it up. Posting
below the text that you mean to reply to helps with readability on the
list and in web archives of it.


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