Re: [Evolution] Unsubscribed folders reappear

I suspect it's some oddity with Gmail.

Well in my case it’s not a Gmail account,

Sorry, I assumed it was since you didn't say and you were posting from
a Gmail account.

 it’s DavMail’s imap server. I
manually unsubscribed from the folders I was not interested in and they
re-appeared a few hours later. 

OK, but the principle is the same. The IMAP folder subscriptions are
held on the server.  In this case the "server" is DavMail.

I haven't used DavMail for a long time, but I seem to remember that
when I did use it, it didn't support subscribe/unsubscribe. Perhaps it
would be good to turn on logging for DavMail to see what it's doing.
But I don't think this is an Evolution issue.


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