[Evolution] Unsubscribed folders reappear


I'm using version 3.36.5-0ubuntu1.

So I'm looking for a way to make the folder panel less cluttered.
Because I practically only use the “inbox” folder of each account and
practically never the others. In TB there is a way to “star” folders
and only show them, making the panel significantly less full of unused
folders. Here I didn't find that, however I found the feature “manage
subscriptions” per account. So I unsubscribed all the other folders and
they disappeared − good. However on the next day, or today even on the
same day they reappear. What am I doing wrong?

Also: Sometimes I have two folders e.g. “trash”, one with the trash
icon, the other with a normal folder icon. How can I reassign the trash
icon to the trash folder?

Thanks so much for your support! Best

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