Re: [Evolution] Emails dissapeared or Deleted? / ALSO text issue ( solved KIND OF )

On Mon, 2021-09-13 at 18:34 -0500, Christopher Marlow wrote:
But I still cant figure out why the text keeps falling off to the 
next line, like in the screenshot from my first email. The text looks
fine if you go to the sent folder and read the email in question

that's new to me. Definitely nothing intentional. I cannot reproduce it
here with WebKitGTK+ 2.32.3. No idea what your Flatpak uses. You can
find out when you run from a terminal:

   $ flatpak run --command=sh org.gnome.Evolution
   [📦 org.gnome.Evolution ~]$ cat /usr/manifest.json | grep webkit

The line with webkitgtk ... .tar.xz shows the version.


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