Re: [Evolution] Emails dissapeared or Deleted?

On Mon, 2021-09-13 at 17:14 -0500, Christopher Marlow wrote:
Evolution 3.40.4
Ubuntu Mate 21.04

I just sat up Evolution on a fresh install of Ubuntu and popped my mail
via pop 3. 

I went to delete a SINGLE message and when I did it wiped out about 5
emails that WERE NOT highlighted for deletion! 

I do not see these said emails in the trash... When searching for them
in the search bar at the top, it only finds 1 unopened email regarding
that certain subject line.

Where did these emails dissapear to?



It seems like if you open one email and then close it, and then go back
to the inbox and  delete the email below it without opening it, both

So where in the world are these opened emails dissapearing to?


And PS what is up with composing an email? When you are writing a 
sentence and you get to the end of the line part of the word stays on
the first line above it

So it looks like this:


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