Re: [Evolution] Unsubscribed folders reappear

On Mon, 2021-09-13 at 09:33 +0100, Pete Biggs wrote:

I suppose it's an IMAP account. Try Edit->Preferences->Mail

<the account>->Edit->Receiving Options->Show only subscribed

I’m having the same issue, but folders keep re-appearing even after
enabling that option (Evolution 3.40.4). Could there be another
interfering with that one?

I suspect it's some oddity with Gmail.

The IMAP folder subscription list is kept on the server not locally
(although there is probably a cache of the list locally).  Gmail is
really designed for use with IMAP, hence Google's implementation
to be a series of workarounds to try and make it look like it works.
Specifically, in Gmail the concept of a "folder" doesn't exist, but
they  use "labels" as an analogue of folders. This largely works.

However, sometimes the interaction between "folders" and "labels" can
be a bit odd.  Sometimes the Gmail version of folders doesn't work
folders in other IMAP implementations.

So, you need to go into Gmail settings on the web (not the Evolution
one) and select "Labels" (Cog -> All Settings -> Labels). In there
will see a setting against each label name of "Show in IMAP".
Enable/Disable as desired.

That's exactly right. I've always done this and have had no problems
with it.

Note also that as messages can have multiple labels in Gmail, IMAP will
show these as multiple copies in different folders, some of which may
be subscribed and some not. This doesn't seem to cause any issues as
far as I can tell.


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