Re: [Evolution] Version 3.38.3-1 keeps asking for passwords

Oh, so a reboot fixes issues that take days to resovle.  Interesting. I
guess my laptop doesn't know it;s been rebooted when I fire it up every

It's usually better if you give all the information you can to people
who are trying to help you.  You never said you did daily reboots (I
presume that's what you mean when you "fire it up every morning" and
it's not just been sleeping).

And yes, a reboot can result in different behaviour to a cold boot from
power off.

I suggest you search through this list's archive for some hints on
possible solutions that work for you.  Hopefully in doing so you will
come across this thread from last year:

It gives some insights into how Evolution does password saving and the
issues around it.


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