[Evolution] Proposal regarding apparent race condition on Evolution start-up

I use Evolution (currently 3.34.3 but this issue has been around for a
while) on KDE rather than Gnome. When I log in, there's a non-zero
probability that Evo won't start correctly because gnome-keyring isn't
running, i.e. Evo has started before g-k-r. The quick solution is to
kill all Evo processes ('pkill evolution') and restart it. This always

I assume that in Gnome things are started in the correct order so this
situation is avoided, but other DEs may have the same problem. I could
of course use a shell script to start Evo on login, but this strikes me
as inelegant and error-prone. Why should the user have to do this, or
even know that it needs to be done? If Evo depends on g-k-r for correct
functioning, shouldn't it take care of this itself?

My proposal is for Evo to check if g-k-r is running before trying to
authenticate to servers, and if it isn't then to wait until it is (with
a warning message if it doesn't happen in a reasonable time, maybe 5

Thoughts? I'll file this as an RFE if comments are positive.


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