Re: [Evolution] How to display attached pictures ?

I understand how a picture is attached to an email. But, like it is
possible with Thunderbird, the recipient must be able to choose what
is convenient for him.
(I consider the best ergonomy for a software is the less number of
mouse clicks to perform what you want ...)

And I consider "best ergonomy" plain text emails, not top posting and
replying only to the list.  But we clearly can't always get what we

As an example, for emails received from my surveillance IP Cam,
emails contain only 3 photos. The body of the email is just 3 lines
each beginning with an arrow, clicking on this arrow displays the
photo. I just wish a parameter in the menu which enables to do it by
default, without clicking.

That sounds more like how the HTML of the email is configured. Or more
to the point, are the images actually attached or does the arrow open a
browser and displays them from a web site - i.e. are those "arrows"
actually URL links?

Or do you mean that all you see is the attachment list at the bottom of
the email and there's actually no content other than the attachments?

Have you looked to see if there is some configuration in the camera
software to change how the images are presented in the emails?

 (The same with different type of attached documents, as in

No, don't auto-open / inline random document types. That is the classic
way to spread malware.

And Evolution is not Thunderbird (or Outlook). They are designed
differently so it's not possible to have all the features of all the
MUAs repeated everywhere.

What is said in  is too
sophisticated for me ...

Err, OK. It was just an indication that there is work going on around
the presentation of images, I didn't expect you to get involved. Often
work on more "sophisticated" things results in improvements, or
facilitates improvements, in other areas.

Again, if you think this is a needed feature, then you need to file a
feature request - you probably need to phrase it around "inlining
attached images". I suspect there will be issues around how the images
are displayed - the inline images are handled by GTK (I think) as part
of displaying the message, but the attachment bar is just a GTK widget
with no rendering capabilities, that is basically what the bug I
referenced was dealing with.

If you do file a feature request, please post the bug URL here so
people searching in the future can find it.


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