Re: [Evolution] How to add a Send later button

There is also a mechanism to send mail through the Outbox folder -
can select that it doesn't get sent immediately, it can be held for 5
mins or indefinitely. You can view the outgoing mail, but not edit
You can send it on its way using the Send/Receive button/drop down.
this is non-selective and applies to all mail which may not be what

I like the mechanism Pete mentioned. Sometimes I realise a few seconds
or minutes later I need to change something before the email is sent
off. And in general you can check the emails before there are sent. You
can enable it here:
"Edit > Preferences > Composer preferences > General >  Default
Behavior > Send messages through Outbox folder" and set the dropdown to
"Send after 5 minutes".

There is also a pending feature request:
Schedule sending an email (#411):
Pierre, if you have the skills top help many would be happy!

Have a good Sunday,


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