Re: [Evolution] Evolution randomly deletes my Email

On Fri, 2020-10-30 at 12:07 +0100, Paul Kernstock wrote:
No actually I don't. This happens to mails that were not marked for
deletion by me. It happens while I read my inbox and maybe delete
some mails and then OTHER mails just disappear for some reason
(accompanied with the log messages I provided earlier).

I see, I misunderstood the problem. I'm sorry about that. I do not
recall seeing this for a long time, definitely not under yours 3.36.4.

Turning off the real Trash is not what I intend to do on the long
run. I like my real trash. :)

I meant that as kind of a test, to try whether the server moves the
messages to the real trash on its own. As I misunderstood the initial
query, it can be a total nonsense too.

The logs may help to narrow what the IMAPx code called and what was the
outcome. It cannot show what marked the other messages for deletion, if
they were really marked as such (in case there would be a bug in
calculating ranges for the save of the changes, marking different
messages for deletion in error).

What are your Receiving Options, please? In case you've enabled Quick
Resync, and the server supports it, it can be that it causes certain
quirks sometimes - also not always. It's off by default.

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