Re: [Evolution] Evolution randomly deletes my Email

On Wed, 2020-10-28 at 13:59 +0100, Paul Kernstock wrote:
Is there a way to find out what is issuing this copy action
(Currently I'm filtering the debug output of Evolution with grep -E -

you issue that action, by marking a message as to-be-deleted. After
that there's scheduled a write of the folder changes (this can be
turned off, or the timeout change, when editing corresponding .source
file in ~/.config/evolution/sources/ by changing the key
StoreChangesInterval=3 to some other value; use -1 to turn it off, 0 to
write immediately) which does the necessary things.

From your log, there should follow an EXPUNGE (or something like that)
in the source folder, to get rid of the 10523. Check your log for the
operations on that UID. It can be that the server failed to do the
expunge and the next refresh of the folder updated the message flags
and mark the message as not being deleted (why, might be a question for
the server).

I guess your server is a Microsoft Exchange. I'd try to turn off the
real Trash folder, then restart Evolution and then try to delete one
message. Maybe the Exchange server moves the messages marked for
deletion to the Deleted Items on its own.

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