Re: [Evolution] Evolution randomly deletes my Email

Hi Milan,

thanks for your detailed answer and the insights. I missed subscribing
the mailing list and thus found your answer just yesterday in the

So obviously when I leave the real trash folder activated (that's what
I'd prefer), you guessed right, some of my mails are copied to this
folder without me issuing this action. This happened to one of my

   [imapx:B] I/O: 'B00375 UID COPY 10523 "Deleted Items"'
   [imapx:B] I/O: 'B00375 OK [COPYUID 957421 10523 8902] COPY
   [imapx:B] I/O: 'B00377 UID STORE 8902 -FLAGS.SILENT (\DELETED)'

I can find the copied mail in the Deleted Items folder but, as you
presumed, it is still there in my inbox (after refresh).

Is there a way to find out what is issuing this copy action (Currently
I'm filtering the debug output of Evolution with grep -E --line-

Thanks a lot,

On Tue, 2020-09-22 at 10:28 +0200, Paul Kernstock wrote:

I'm having an issue with Evolution deleting my mail without me
it to do so:

I'm using Evolution 3.36.4-0ubuntu1 on Ubuntu 20.04 with an Exchange
IMAP server. When I check a new series of mail, read and delete
messages, Evolution intermittently marks new or read mails for
and moves them to the deleted mails box. When I drag them back to the
inbox, they reappear there duplicated. I can then delete the
and the message remains in the inbox.

I have "Check incoming messages for junk" disabled.

I couldn't find a fix for this behaviour by obvious means of

Any advice would be appreciated, thank you all!

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