Re: [Evolution] Got one account sort-of working

On Tue, 2020-05-26 at 14:34 -0700, Van Snyder wrote:
On 5/25/20 1:37 PM, Andre Klapper wrote:

Please reply to your previous message instead of starting a new
(detached) thread, so the context is clearer.

I don't keep messages that don't lead to solutions to my problems, so I 
must apologize for not having memorized the subject line.

Far be it from me to tell you how to do things, but often finding
solutions to problems is an iterative process: i.e. someone makes a
suggestion as to what might solve your problem, if it works, you reply
"thank you, that worked" so that other people can find it if they
search for the problem; alternatively you may reply "thank you for your
reply, but I'm afraid I'm still having problems, do you have any
further suggestions?", at that point they may have other suggestions,
or someone else might come up with a solution.  Once someone has
answered your question on the list, unless it's glaringly obviously
wrong, no one else will probably answer.  If the first answer doesn't
work, then it is likely that someone will suggest doing some debugging
to provide more information.  

Just deleting and forgetting about an email that doesn't provide you
with a completely correct answer seems to be a short-sighted way of
solving your problem.

The other two accounts still don't work. Instead of "I/O socket timed
out," now the message is "Error performing TLS handshake: Internal error
in memory allocation.".
See my previous reply to you in a previous thread that you started.

I don't keep messages that don't lead to solutions to my problems. If I 
remember the referenced message, it had two http links that led to pages 
wherein several users complained of the same problem I was having, but 
no solutions were offered.

It told you what the issue is - i.e. that it's a bug in the GnuTLS

Is there a way to delete all of evolution's configuration files and 
start over?

The location of the configuration files for your version of Evolution
is in the Help. But if the issue is with an OS library it won't do any
good.  You could try downgrading the gnutls package if an update isn't
available - however it may cause problems if other packages use that

If you do want to remove the config files, then I suggest you rename
their folders instead of deleting so you can put them back if

I got the current problems because a disk drive died. I had been running 
Scientific Linux 6.9 on a 32-bit system. I got a new disk drive and a 
new computer. I installed SL 7.10 (because CentOS 8.1 doesn't have KDE), 

Off topic for this list, but KDE is available in EPEL for CentOS 8.1,
you install it as "plasma-desktop".


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