Re: [Evolution] Got one account sort-of working

On Tue, 26 May 2020 23:46:09 +0100 Pete Biggs wrote:

It told you what the issue is - i.e. that it's a bug in the GnuTLS

(This is about imap with TLS on 993 not working with, which is provided by The error message is “Error performing TLS handshake: Internal error in memory allocation.”.).

I have a non-yahoo account that receives using TLS on 993 and sends using STARTTLS on 587, and it works. Do different accounts use different versions of gnutls?

I did "ldd /bin/evolution | grep tls" and there was no output.

BTW, I did "ldd /usr/bin/thunderbird" and it said "not a dynamic executable".

It's too bad evolution can't be statically linked. I really prefer evolution to thunderbird.

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