Re: [Evolution] Got one account sort-of working

On 5/25/20 1:37 PM, Andre Klapper wrote:

Please reply to your previous message instead of starting a new
(detached) thread, so the context is clearer.

I don't keep messages that don't lead to solutions to my problems, so I must apologize for not having memorized the subject line.

The other two accounts still don't work. Instead of "I/O socket timed
out," now the message is "Error performing TLS handshake: Internal error
in memory allocation.".
See my previous reply to you in a previous thread that you started.

I don't keep messages that don't lead to solutions to my problems. If I remember the referenced message, it had two http links that led to pages wherein several users complained of the same problem I was having, but no solutions were offered.

Maybe I misremember.

Is there a way to delete all of evolution's configuration files and start over?

I got the current problems because a disk drive died. I had been running Scientific Linux 6.9 on a 32-bit system. I got a new disk drive and a new computer. I installed SL 7.10 (because CentOS 8.1 doesn't have KDE), and restored my account from a backup. Maybe settings from the antique Evolution in SL 6.9 have confused the newer Evolution. I noticed that the names of some of the files in .config/evolution/sources have "@VanCE5" in their names. That's a hold-over from several years ago, when I was using CentOS 5.

I'm currently using Thunderbird, but I really dislike it. I also have thousands of messages in Evolution archives, both on my home computer and my work computer. I have no idea whether I can access those messages in Thunderbird. If I can get Evolution working correctly, I won't have to worry about that.

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