[Evolution] Got one account sort-of working

I deleted the accounts that don't work and re-created them.

One of them now sort-of works. I can send and receive mail. But... it has both a "Deleted Items" and "Trash" folders. Neither offers to "Empty Trash." Even though I've deleted messages, neither folder has anything in it.

The other two accounts still don't work. Instead of "I/O socket timed out," now the message is "Error performing TLS handshake: Internal error in memory allocation.".

Recreating the server settings resulted in about 60 "On This Computer" folders the next time I started Evolution, with names ending .ibex.index. What are these, and where did they come from? Can I delete them safely? The folders with familiar names appear to have had all their messages converted to folders. The contents display as junk.

All using 3.28.5 (3.28.5-8.el7) on Scientific Linux 7.10 (essentially the same as CentOS 7.10).

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