[Evolution] Evolution causes reboot, where should I look for debugging?


I have been experiencing an annoying issue for about a week now that is
getting worse. Basically, when I try to close an open draft message,
the moment I click the "x" button to close it my computer reboots. 
I have been using Evolution in this computer since I bought it last
year. The laptop itself is quite reliable, never ran Windows (I
stripped the original SSD), and nothing else produces this weird
reboot. I pushed other heavy apps to the limits and was not able to get
this reboot issue.
I think it should be some sort of incompatibility between Evo and some
gnome extension, but I do not know how to verify my guesses

Going thought journalctl -b -1 did not tell me much. There were a lot
of these lines repeated:
Aug 21 19:08:51 PCThinkpad-manjaro evolution[7718]:
_gtk_css_image_get_concrete_size: assertion 'default_width > 0' failed
Aug 21 19:08:51 PCThinkpad-manjaro evolution[7718]:
_gtk_css_image_get_surface: assertion 'surface_width > 0' failed

But I do not think these are the culprit.

I would like to debug, but do not know how to start. For instance, the
Environment Variables page (https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Evolution)
tells me to set a variable such as:
CAMEL_DEBUG=imapx:io evolution >& logfile (for imap, as I have 8 imap
accounts and 2 ews)

So I added it to my .zshrc file. Yet, I am not sure what it does. That
is, when the variable is set, does it create new logs? Make existing
logs better? Which logs? 

I then went to "tracking down problems" atL
It has a sub-item "how to track down a problem" but this brings me back
to the Environment Variables. 
I also tried to read the Camel Reference Manual, but it only goes to
3.22 and I was not able to extract much.

In short, to provide more useful info for tracking down a problem,
where should I go? Are there specific logs.
I recognize this is likely a very dumb question, but I am a bit stuck.


Evolution 3.36.5
gnome 36 running on 5.7.14-1-MANJARO

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