Re: [Evolution] Evolution causes reboot, where should I look for debugging?


Thanks for the reply.

If it's just started happening in the last weeks, has evolution been
updated at all in that time?  What about any of the Gnome and GTK

After reading your suggestions below I believe it has to do with
Wayland and external monitors, since this became an issue since last
week once I started using it with two monitors.
I stopped using one of the monitores and did not have a crash so far. I
will keep testing. 

It's unusual for an application to cause a Linux computer to reboot -
almost always it is down to a hardware issue (usually bad memory).

My mistake, sorry!
It is not a reboot, but just a Gnome Shell quite dramatic crashing. I
thought it was a full reboot because the Lenovo logo appears and it
takes quite a while for the gnome login screen to appear. Yet, I
realized that the post check does not occur and the grub screen does
not show up. 
Thus, it is a gnome shell crash not a reboot.

Turn off the extensions and re-enable them one by one.

But that would probably only cause Gnome Shell to die, not reboot the
whole machine.

Since the Gnome shell is dying, I have greater reason to believe on the
hypothesis that it is a bad extension.
Yet, what puzzles me is that this only happens with evolution. I did
tests with the two monitors attached, turning on VMs, many browser
tabs, apps, etc, and even though the poor thinkpad struggles like
crazy it never had a Gnome shell crash.
I tested with Thunderbird too and no issues.

The debugging output is on the standard out/error of the application;
in standard Gnome those outputs are not recorded anywhere.  That's
the instructions say to run evolution from the command line and
redirect the outputs to a file.

I missed that part on the instructions. Thanks for pointing that out. 

I don't think it's a good idea to globally set those variables - the
output can get voluminous especially with 8 IMAP accounts so if
are recorded anywhere you are going to get lots of it.

I am entering the command:
CAMEL_DEBUG=imapx:io evolution >& ~./log/evoDebug.log

Wouldn't this record the 8 imap accounts anyways? 
In any case, I am glad that now I can debug better.

You also need to see if anything relevant has changed in the OS
recently - possibly roll back any recent changes. It might be prudent
to verify that the installed packages are the same as when they were
first installed (to make sure they haven't got corrupted - which in
itself would indicate a bad disk!).

It is quite a weird issue. If I use one monitor, nothing seems to
happen (that is, I was not able to reproduce yet).
When I use two monitors, only evolution crashes the Gnome shell
(conceivably, others might too but I was not able to see it).
Thus, it might be an extension or it might be something related to
using different interfaces with Wayland (HDMI port for one monitor, DP
for the other, plus the internal display), each with a different
resolution. Yet, that does not explain why I get this issue with
evolution only.
I am now working with one external monitor to see if the Gnome Shell
crash returns. I will then try with two. I am only running evo with the
command above so I will have the logs whenever a crash occurs.

Thanks again for your help.


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