Re: [Evolution] Evolution causes reboot, where should I look for debugging?

Hello Andre,

Thanks for your reply.

If gnome-shell crashes then this is a topic for a gnome-shell support
forum. See also

Indeed. Now that I know it is a Gnome shell crash (versus a computer
reboot) I'll definitely consider posting there, but first I wanted to
know how to debug Evolution since this is where the problem is
manifesting. Pete's email was quite helpful on that since I had a
different mindset regarding how the debugging info was collected and
simply missed a few instructions.

As you mentioned journalctl: In general, "journalctl -u evolution"
would show only messages by evolution. *If* there is no crash in
evolution here, then this would be the wrong support forum.
If there is a crash in some software, then you can get a stacktrace
that crash via "coredumpctl gdb PID" (replace PID with the process

Thanks. I am starting to get a better understanding of these logs and
flags. This is very helpful.

Make sure to install all needed debug symbols for all involved
libraries and applications beforehand.

I'll do my homework on this one. Need to educate myself on the debug
symbols and the associated installation process. 

Thanks again for the pointers.

All the best,

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