Re: [Evolution] Evolution causes reboot, where should I look for debugging?

On Sat, 2020-08-22 at 19:19 -0400, Paulo Cesar G. Costa wrote:
I am entering the command:
CAMEL_DEBUG=imapx:io evolution >& ~./log/evoDebug.log

Wouldn't this record the 8 imap accounts anyways? 

do not do that. You said the crash happens when closing the composer
window. That's not the time when IMAP is called. At all.

Evolution may have shown something on its stderr too, maybe.

Follow Andre's instructions, being there a crash, the coredumpctl may
catch it (if your distro uses it). There are other ways to catch
threads, like to attach gdb to a running gnome-shell process from a
text terminal (Ctrl+Alt+F4 or some such 'Fx' key) and then get the
backtrace when the GUI freezes (instead of when it crashes) on the text
terminal with this command:

   (gdb) bt
   (gdb) t a a bt full

It's significantly harder to copy the output from the text terminal
though. Maybe try to run this on the text terminal:

   $ gdb --batch --ex "bt" --ex "t a a bt full" -pid=`pidof gnome-shell` &>btgs.txt

Please check the .txt file for any private information, like passwords,
email address, server addresses,... I usually search for "pass" at
least (quotes for clarity only). And as Andre said, do have installed
debuginfo (dbg?) packages, at least for gnome-shell, glib/glib2, gtk3
and wayland-related packages.

Maybe run similar gdb command for the evolution process, to see whether
it also crashed. It will be different, because I'd run Evolution in the
GUI terminal (gnome-terminal), to get also the stderr output. The
command is like this:

   $ gdb --batch --ex r --ex "bt" --ex "t a a bt full" &>btevo.txt

Again, check the .txt file for any private information before sharing
it anywhere.

Though from what you see I'd guess the problem is somewhere deeper than
in Evolution. That it doesn't strike elsewhere can be just because the
conditions to trigger it were not met (the crash may require certain
conditions, which "only Evolution" triggers).

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