Re: [Evolution] Collating inboxes

On Sun, 2019-09-29 at 05:55 +1000, Bradley G Ward via evolution-list
I know that I found an old post,
hit reply all, deleted the text of the email, changed the subject
header and just had the evolution list address in the 'to' line after
removing whoever posted the email I was using.  How it ended up being a
reply to another thread I have no idea.  And this is, obviously, not
something that one would do intentionally.

That is *exactly* what Andre is saying. Please do not do this.
Threading on mailing lists does not depend on what's in the Subject
line. It's managed by headers which normally are not shown to the user
(but can be seen by hitting Ctrl-U on a message if you're interested),
so starting a reply and editing the Subject doesn't create a new
thread, it simply continues an old one but with a completely different
topic. This is called "thread hijacking" and is considered poor

Always start a new topic by composing a fresh message, not a reply of
any kind.


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