Re: [Evolution] Email Threading

On 9/28/19 1:55 PM, Bradley G Ward via evolution-list wrote:
I know that I found an old post,
hit reply all, deleted the text of the email, changed the subject
header and just had the evolution list address in the 'to' line after
removing whoever posted the email I was using.  How it ended up being a
reply to another thread I have no idea.  And this is, obviously, not
something that one would do intentionally.

Threading in email and in NNTP (network news transport) is done with headers. Normally these are invisible although they can be seen if you "View Source" or other options.

Each message has a header which is its unique identifier. Each message also has headers which describe its thread parents by their unique identifiers.

When you reply or forward an email, those headers are adjusted to describe the threading.

This is pretty good:
You can also read RFC 822:
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