Re: [Evolution] Evolution closes when double clicking to open an email

On Wed, 2019-07-03 at 12:51 -0700, Bert Struik via evolution-list
The process of opening the email closed Evolution and upon checking
the window size it had reverted the width and height to the out of
bounds amount (33766 x 977).
The information was recorded in an email of Monday, July 1, 2019
2:08:42 PM

right, I know. What I didn't know was whether it was tested with
different messages with reset values in GSettings. It's clear now,
thanks for the clarification.

Maybe the order of resetting etc should be done differently?

Nope, I do not think it would help in any way.

I'm sorry, but I've no idea what to try next. There might be something
specific on that single machine which triggers the misbehavior for some
reason, it could be a corner case or something, which seems to be
pretty hard to reproduce on other machines.

You reacted to an email sent from my Blackberry Playbook.
Sorry it was confusing. 
This one is from Evolution except that I manually add the > symbols
because I do not use the quote function.

Ah, I see. Being it Plain Text, not HTML, any client would better
recognize that it's a quoted text. Having a newer version you could
even use Ctrl+Alt+R, which is to call an "Alternative Reply", where you
can change the parameters for one-time replies, thus usual Reply can
use different message format, quotation type and so on than this
alternative. This feature would be found useful in your case :)

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