Re: [Evolution] Evolution closes when double clicking to open an email

> Is that related
> to that single message or to any message, like for example also to this
> mine (if you have it available on the affected machine, otherwise any
> simple plain text message without attachments)? 
On the affected machine, Evolution closes when any email message is double clicked. Same result for messages with attachments, imbedded images, or just text.
> Is there any difference 
> in icon theme, desktop environment or anything visual related between
> the working and non-working machine? 
We have three computers that use the same version of Ubuntu 18.04 64 bit with current updates. They are each AMD CPUs. The icons, environment, and themes are the same. They each have the same version of Evolution.
My wife's computer is the only one with the problem.
Evolution has been a very good solution for our needs since we switched to Ubuntu 8.04 when it was released, and up to now has worked very well. So this glitch is strange.
> Bye,
> Milan

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