Re: [Evolution] Evolution closes when double clicking to open an email

On Mon, 2019-07-01 at 15:34 -0600, lcstruik--- via evolution-list
Ran your suggested set window size commands using the default values
returned for the shell window size 910 x 717
The get command acknowledged the set values of 910 and 717
Ran Evolution and double clicked an email and the program closed.
Ran the get commands and the window size values were changed back to
33766 x 977

it's weird, it looks like something inside the window reports its width
request that large for some reason. Hard to guess what. Is that related
to that single message or to any message, like for example also to this
mine (if you have it available on the affected machine, otherwise any
simple plain text message without attachments)? Is there any difference
in icon theme, desktop environment or anything visual related between
the working and non-working machine? As you can see on the working
machine, the message window is pretty simple, there might not be a
reason to show it such large.

I recall a bug with contact merge dialog which caused "indefinite"
window width increment when shown with certain content. There had been
added some workaround to avoid it, which may or may not work these
days. It feels similar to your issue, but I do not know whether it's
really it.

Any further debugging would involve precise gdb commands being run,
which is out of scope for this mailing list, it's more for a live
session. Maybe the answers for the above questions will help to narrow
the issue.

I suppose both machines use the same evolution and WebKitGTK+ package
versions, in other words both are up-to-date, right?

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