Re: [Evolution] Evolution closes when double clicking to open an email

On Tue, 2019-07-02 at 15:15 +0000, lambertus via evolution-list wrote:
On the affected machine, Evolution closes when any email message is
double clicked. Same result for messages with attachments, imbedded
images, or just text.

okay. Did it also do that when you corrected the width/height setting
for the browser-window? I forgot to mention it and I'm not sure whether
you tried it, but once the saved settings are broken the next try will
use them (because your version doesn't contain the fix I referenced
earlier in this thread), thus you should reset the value in the
settings before trying a different message.

P.S.: I do not know how you replied to the message, but it was rather
hard to notice what is quoted and what not. The new lines didn't wrap
here too. You may use plain text instead of HTML format here, if
possible. (I do not know whether you used evolution, where these things
work flawlessly, unless some special user interaction is involved, like
copy&pasting from a different message or such.) Just saying, the
message content formatting (the way its content is constructed, not
that it's HTML) surprised me. No offense meant.

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