Re: [Evolution] Disable Digests? [was: evolution-list Digest, Vol 156, Issue 61]

In that case I have to assume you inadvertently typed the '-- '
yourself, or included it from a cut-and-paste somehow. This present
message doesn't have that, which is fine.


It has. It just happens that the signature delimiter is *below* his
normal text. Probably related to replying inline to a couple of blocks,
instead of only one.

I suspect Christopher has a signature with «Thank you and take care!
-- Chris

Main Email address (...)»

When he replies to a message, he goes just above that and starts typing.
The issue is, evolution inserted a signature delimiter above the
signature, which is wrong for such usage of signatures.

In this case, I would recommend that he set the
composer-no-signature-delim preference (on org.gnome.evolution.mail, I
don't see a UI for that) so that it isn't automatically added, and
manually adds a "-- \n" above "Main Email address".

Best regards

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