Re: [Evolution] I tried to import emails into EVO. But, it didn't quite work out as planned.

On Sun, 2018-07-15 at 11:25 +0100, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
My GMAIL is automatically picked up by my domain because, all I use
for is Youtube notifications.

Not sure what that has to do with anything.

It has to deal with separation. 

Email to my domain.... gets filed away into folders under the " ON THIS
COMPUTER" section

old AOL account is set up as IMAP because I want to keep it separate
from my domain account

And gmail is only picked up by my domain because it's nothing but just
Youtube notifications. So I don't care if that email is separated or

Clearly it is broken for many use cases, including the one you've
talking about here. POP is an obsolete protocol. The *only* reason to
use it is when your mail provider doesn't support anything else.
There is nothing you can do with POP that you can't also do with
IMAP, and IMAP provides significant advantages when you access your
mail from more than one device, as virtually everyone does nowadays.

I am starting to see why it's broken... See my last reply to the group.
It's the email in titled 
"Re: [Evolution] Filtering outbound messages problem  [ CONCLUSION

Oh boy! 


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