[Evolution] How to emphasis plain text - Was: [off-topic] I tried to import emails into EVO. But, it didn't quite work out as planned.

On Fri, 2018-07-13 at 10:11 +0200, Milan Crha via evolution-list wrote:
this made me recall that using spaces with lower case letters is
against some styling/typography rule. Those can/might be used only
with capitals. We've been told something like that in one course, oh,
like two decades ago when I've been on college. As my memory goes
wrong often and twists what it can twist, I can always be wrong.

Hi Milan,

indeed spacing without capital letters is tricky.

W i t h C a p i t a l L e t t e r s the space between words at least is
noticeable in a CamalCase style, without it   r e q u i r e s   w e a k
w o r k a r o u n d s , but such extra spaces between words might not
get proper formatted in HTML, so it could look strange for multipart

IIRC some MUAs notice __double "_", "*" and "/" to format plain text__
automagically. Some users _tend_to_use_an_underscore_ between each word.

I guess correct is usage of the **double asterisk** to simulate bold
text, but I prefer a _single underscore_ at the beginning and the end of
a group of words, since the asterisk is also used for things like *lol*,
*hug* etc. and using a double underscore does look overstated without
auto-formatting of plain text. IIRC a double "_" is for underline, a
double "/" for italic and a double "*" for bold, by MUAs that format
plain text automagically. I might be mistaken, since text attributes for
editing Wikis and forum postings could be _italic_, *italic*, __bold__,
**bold**, `monospace` or similar, too. However, CAPITAL LETTERS ONLY are
for boot camps.


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