Re: [Evolution] I tried to import emails into EVO. But, it didn't quite work out as planned.

On Sat, 2018-07-14 at 12:39 +0100, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
This is why people should use IMAP. No importing is required. You
set up the IMAP account in Evo and you're done.


Actually, I do have 2 accounts I use IMAP on... My old AOL screename,
which really, all I get is junk mail there. No one really emails me
there anymore, everyone uses my domain address now. I only keep that
account around for the just in case someone contacts me that doesn't
have my domain email address, but still had my old AOL screename on

I also have a @MSN.COM email address which I use for my domain host's
emails for infomation / emergency contact infomation.  I only have that
account because my host provider requires you to have a seperate
address in case I ever get hacked and cannot get to my chris cwm030 com
 address. My domain host can contact me at that MSN address. 

The only reason I use IMAP for those two accounts is because I don't
want emails from those accounts mixing in with my domain emails. 

I have folders for all email that comes to my domain.

And my MSN and AOL have their own folders for their stuff since they're

I was going to go pop on everything until I read on the Evolution Q and
A website that Evo only uses 1 folder set for pop accounts. Where in
Thunderbird each account gets its own set of folders. But, thunderbird
can be set like Evolution to only use one set of folders. 

My GMAIL is automatically picked up by my domain because, all I use it
for is Youtube notifications.

 And on your question of why don't I just use IMAP for everything....
Well, you're answer is..... Pop3 ain't broke... So it doesn't need
fixing.  :) 

Also, I have been using pop for YEAAARS.... And yes, I will admit, I  
had a few tragedies along the way of corrupted email files, total loss
of all emails. But knock on wood that hasn't happened in quite a few


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