Re: [Evolution] Recovering after suspend and resume

Why did you not want it to use OAuth2? It works perfectly fine with
Evolution and is Google's preferred method - in fact I would say
that Evo is "correct" to insist that you use OAuth2, it is what you
should be doing.

I'd never heard of OAuth2 before and all it didn't was throw an error -
can't remember exactly what it said but I was in a rush and one of the
options in the authentication was password, so surely it should have

You need to setup your gmail account specifically to allow password
login. Your older version of Evolution couldn't deal with OAuth2 and
the advice then was to provision gmail accounts via Gnome-online-
Accounts (aka GoA).  Recent versions of Evolution know how to do it

Are you using the same home filesystem for both versions?  (If so,
things are going to get problematic - the Evolution configuration
would have been upgraded to the 3.28 version and it isn't backward

Yeah that makes sense. I have Evo 3.28 in a flatpack now but I haven't
configured the accounts yet. I was going to export a backup from my old
version but it was taking too long so I thought I would see if I could
get it to use the same folders directories but haven't done that yet.

As has been said before, the Flatpack version of Evolution is sandboxed
 so it's not trivial to get it to see your home file store.


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