Re: [Evolution] Recovering after suspend and resume

I tried the Evo that comes with Linux Mint 19 and yes it's much better,
no connection issues after resume but I had a weird problem with my
Gmail account. Evo kept insisting I use OAuth2 and I couldn't get it to
stay set to Password, each time I clicked OK, it reverted to OAuth2.

Why did you not want it to use OAuth2? It works perfectly fine with
Evolution and is Google's preferred method - in fact I would say
that Evo is "correct" to insist that you use OAuth2, it is what you
should be doing.

Even stranger was when I switched back to LM 18.3 (due to other
unrelated issues) my Gmail account still failed to authenticate even
though it was set to Password. Had to delete the account and re-make

That's probably because the authorisation token got revoked.

Are you using the same home filesystem for both versions?  (If so,
things are going to get problematic - the Evolution configuration store
would have been upgraded to the 3.28 version and it isn't backward


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