[Evolution] Save sent messages in a chosen folder

I'm looking to move away from Thunderbird, for performance reasons.  I'm 
involved in lots of groups, and like to keep all the emails for those 
groups together, including the ones I send.  One of the features I'm 
looking for is the ability to specify what folder to save an email I am 
sending in, at composition time. Thunderbird has a plugin that lets me 
do this. It defaults to one folder (Sent), but I can choose via pulldown 
to save the sent email to the current folder, or any other folder.

I don't really understand why this is not a popular thing for people to 
want to do, but I don't hear others asking for it much. If you're 
involved in 4 different groups, do you let all your sent mail go to Sent 
no matter what the mail is about?  Doesn't that make it hard to find 
conversations later?

Is there a way to do this in Evolution?


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