Re: [Evolution] Save sent messages in a chosen folder

On 12/9/2017 11:49 AM, david thekramers net wrote:
I'm looking to move away from Thunderbird, for performance reasons.

It may depend on your IMAP server and particular configuration options but I wouldn't count on Evolution performing better than Thunderbird.

The last time I used Evolution was on Fedora 27 (so it was a recent build) on a test computer with a nice old 5,200 RPM hard drive. I asked it to load a folder of 12,000 messages and it was SO SLOW I had to abort and reran it with libeatmydata because Evolution was sending a continuous stream of fsync calls for sqlite databases.

It could PROBABLY wait until it had read the whole folder of mail before syncing. Really.

If you have a SSD it will be fine.
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