Re: [Evolution] Save sent messages in a chosen folder

On 2017-12-09 at 13:49 -0500, david thekramers net wrote:
I don't really understand why this is not a popular thing for people to 
want to do, but I don't hear others asking for it much. If you're 
involved in 4 different groups, do you let all your sent mail go to Sent 
no matter what the mail is about?  Doesn't that make it hard to find 
conversations later?

Is there a way to do this in Evolution?

I do like to keep my own replies filled in the same folder as the rest
of the thread. I perform this by setting the Inbox as the Sent folder
(Edit → Preferences → Account → Defaults), and later move to the proper
folder using a manually-triggered filter.

Note however that this has the side-effect of making the Reply button to
work as Reply All on the inbox (as the inbox is at the same time the
Sent folder, and the Reply option is made to work this way there since
usually you don't want to reply to yourself).
It's not a big issue when you are aware of it, but it was hard to me to
find out what was happening.

Best regards

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