Re: [Evolution] how to move mails and configs to a new machine

On 03/24/2016 10:42 AM, Pete Biggs wrote:
I meant your Linux account.  But that's because you need to make sure
nothing is using the filesystem when you move the data around - but you
can't actually do this trick if the home belongs to root because you
can't move the data without being logged in as root.

There are a couple of methods to move data which will work. You can log
in using only a command-line shell on either the console or via SSH.
This will not start up the Gnome services and you can copy the data freely.

You can also do it from a GUI if you guarantee that Evolution is shut
down. There used to be a killev command...

OK, I just tried this and I have to say WTF? How does anyone do
Evolution development anymore? I killed the processes and they don't
stay dead. What if I wanted to run a newly compiled version with a
debugger or command line flags or environment variables? I have to hack
DBUS files now? That's insane.

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