Re: [Evolution] how to move mails and configs to a new machine

I need to move my mails (several Gigas) and the different pieces of
configuration (accounts, filters, ..) to a new machine.  Clearly,
folder structure has to be preserved too.  Eventually everything has
work as before. 

Which is the safer way to get that?

Old machine: Fedora 22, Evolution 3.16.5
New machine: Fedora 23, Evolution
I may access the old machine by nfs. 

There are a couple of ways.

You can create a backup tar file from the 'File' menu ("Back up
Evolution Data") and then restore it on the new machine.

Transferring your whole home directory will also transfer all the
Evolution data and settings - but that is only really useful if you
actually want all your home moved!  Make sure you aren't logged in to
your account when you move things (or it will get messy) - what I tend
to do is to copy your old home to something like '/home/user.old' then
logout of your username, login as (say) root and do 'mv /home/user
/home/user.x ; mv /home/user.old /home/user'.  When you log back in as
'user' everything will be there.

Finally you can selectively copy the relevant Evolution directories -
but that needs you to work out everything that is needed!


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