Re: [Evolution] how to move mails and configs to a new machine

You can create a backup tar file from the 'File' menu ("Back up
Evolution Data") and then restore it on the new machine.
doing so, do I transfer everything (accounts, filters, folder

Yes.  It should do.  It will probably work quite well as the Evolution
versions are very close. Please see the Evolution help for more
information on backing up and restoring data.

Transferring your whole home directory will also transfer all the
Evolution data and settings - but that is only really useful if you
actually want all your home moved!  
on the old machine, it seems I have
-- most Evolution stuff under the folder /root/.local/share/evolution
(198497 items, totalling 8,5 GB)

OK.  I know this is nothing to do with Evolution, but it's important to
say this:

DO NOT use root as your normal login account.  Just don't.
There are NO REASONS to use root, especially for email, web browsing
etc.  I know it appears to make things easier, but you are setting your
self up for a big, big fail. Just don't do it.

You say you are using Fedora - this means that you have ignored all the
warnings when installing it that you must set up a user account and not
to use root. 

Have you ever wondered why experienced sysadmins and Linux gurus tell
users not to use root? Well, that's because they are experienced and
have been bitten by it.

OK, continuing with the normal programs...

-- a further folder /root/.evolution with a few files (104 items,
totalling 8,2 MB), which I do not think it has been used (I do not
understand why they are there)

That's an Evolution data store from a much earlier version. The
location of the Evolution data is detailed in the help (search for
"Data storage locations").

Make sure you aren't logged in to
your account 
which account? do you mean I stop Evolution? on both machines?

I meant your Linux account.  But that's because you need to make sure
nothing is using the filesystem when you move the data around - but you
can't actually do this trick if the home belongs to root because you
can't move the data without being logged in as root.


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